Artist Statement

20 year old photographer from Los Angeles, currently living in New York City

Artist Statement

I see the medium of photography as my own personal space- completely disconnected from reality- a space for me to escape to, a dreamland if you will. In my own life, the real world, I am not one to take many risks. I can be quite cautious or timid when something new comes my way.  In a world built upon reason and structure, I sometimes  find myself lost. I am often afraid to say or do the wrong thing.  However, in the wonderful world that is photography, I am adventurous and fearless. I have the power to build my own reality around around me-the world is mine to create. I can find the narratives that are at first not easily perceived, bring them to the light, giver them life. I can transform a seemingly mundane shower into the White Queen’s  effervescent castle made of fog. In this world my voice can be clearly heard. My images are the tangible souvenirs brought back from this dreamland, they express more than my words ever could. 

For a while, I had a hard time describing this space that I find myself in, the freedom and excitement that it brings me- until i came across a quote in the novel the Great Gatsby. It reads, “They [dreams] were a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing.” (F. Scott Fitzgerald) I am compelled by photography’s power to describe the undescribable. I am able to mold my reality into any form I please, to take my unrealities and make them real, to display my dreams and imagination in a tangible form using my camera. 

 A major aspect of my photographs is the abstraction of the environment I am in when shooting. I often distort using the materials at my disposal, I like to use saran wrap or cellophane to create different moods or atmospheres by wrapping them on my lens or around my subject, fog to simulate a dreamy atmosphere, shoot through different fabrics and glasses to give my images texture- bringing my subject and the viewer closer. I use these techniques partly because I am impartial to photoshop, and partly because I am able to quite literally mold my realities into fantastical unrealities.  I am largely influenced by photographers like Tim Walker and Nhu Xuan Hua. They are both able to create and send their viewers directly to incredibly wondrous worlds. Ultimately, I hope that my images send my viewers to a place of wonder, where they can explore their own dreams and imagination, and hopefully add a little sparkle to their reality.